I have taught college level literature, expository writing, and creative writing for more than a decade and am presently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Williams College. My literature and writing courses emphasize literature’s interpretive richness, the value of clear expression, and the importance of reading and writing skills to a fully committed ethical and civic life. My courses in Science and Technology Studies (e.g. Spring 2018’s “Automatic Culture: from the Mechanical Turk to A.I.”) emphasize the long histories of technologies that we often take for granted and train students to examine technologies’ widespread and unpredictable effects on social orders, economies, and – especially – the arts.

In 2016-17, I was a teaching fellow in Harvard’s Department of the History of Science. In Fall 2016 I led three sections of Professor Matthew Hersch’s “An American Way of War: Technology and Warfare.” In the Spring of 2017 I was the lead TF for Hersch’s “The World We Made: Technology and Society.”

As an instructor I foster cultural inclusivity, full access to education, and mentorship across a diverse student body. In my classrooms, we discuss the social construction of knowledge and the forces (e.g., imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia) that presently and historically have shaped literary canons, reading and writing practices, and literary and historical criticism.

Because students from underrepresented groups face daily challenges that include micro-aggressions, discrimination, and unfamiliarity with the norms of academic culture, I strive to communicate my course expectations transparently, to welcome students’ personal engagement with my courses’ topics and materials, and to encourage students to avail themselves of campus resources – especially by meeting individually with all of their instructors.

Courses taught at Williams College
Androids, Cyborgs, Selves, Spring 2020, Fall 2019
Landscapes in American Literature, Fall 2019
Feminist Technoscience, Fall 2019 
Contemporary American Literature, Spring 2019, Spring 2018
Automatic Culture: From the Mechanical Turk to A.I., Fall 2018, Spring 2018
Androids, Sci-Fi, and the Self Fall 2017

Courses taught at Cornell University
Spring 2015 Expository Writing: Terrors of Time Travel
Fall 2014 Expository Writing: Tools for Time Travel
Spring 2014 First-Year Writing Seminar: Tools for Time Travel
Fall 2013 First-Year Writing Seminar: Tools for Time Travel
Spring 2009 Introduction to Creative Writing: Marrying the World Fall
2008 First-Year Writing Seminar: America in Fact, America in Fiction Fall
2008 First-Year Writing Seminar: Linked Stories Spring
2008 Introduction to Creative Writing: Writing about Thinking Fall
2007 Introduction to Creative Writing: Inventing Gods Spring
2007 First-Year Writing Seminar: Language and Chaos Fall
2006 First-Year Writing Seminar: Imaginative Argument in English Literature

Other Teaching Experience
Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, “The World We Made: Technology and Society,” Fall 2016
Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, “An American Way of War: Technology and Warfare,” Fall 2016
Teaching Assistant, Cornell Writing in Rome, Summer 2009
Teaching Assistant, Cornell Writing in Rome, Summer 2008
Teaching Assistant, Cornell, “Great Books,” Spring 2007
Teacher, Stanton College Preparatory School, Jacksonville, FL, 2003-2004
Factotum, Telluride Association Summer Program, Ithaca, NY, 2000